Ecological gardening on 0.5 acre | Sus road, Pune, Maharashtra

In our first venture, in 2002-03 an area of half acre was converted into a wildlife garden, on farm owned by Ajit & Radha Shelat, Sus road, Pune, Maharashtra, by creating various small habitats like wooded areas, shrubbery, ponds, and using certain Habitat Development techniques. Habitats were designed to attract birds, butterflies, smaller wildlife, aquatic fauna, etc. Today, there are grown-up trees in soil deficient area, clusters of shrubs, 4-5 ft tall good quality grass & few uncommon herbs inviting local smaller wildlife.



Plantation planning for riverside land, 5 acres | Jambhulpada, Khopoli, Maharashtra

The objective of this landscape design was to give justice to the location of the land owned by Mr. Ashish Kuwar, in 2003. It is nestled on the bank of a small river in Jambhulpada, khopoli. Landscape design is done using all indigenous plant varieties that grow peculiarly in humid climate, high rainfall region of Kokan and on the bank of a river. Usefulness of plants for residents is also considered so fruit plants, spices, edible plants, medicinal plants etc. are planted.



Ecological landscaping for Industry – Cipla Ltd., 0.75 acre | Kurkumbh, Patas, Maharashtra

Ecological landscaping is an emerging field in our country. More than beautification, it also offers many advantages like decreasing the temperature, providing habitats for fauna, increasing water holding capacity of soil, using fewer resources like water, fertilizers, etc. This type of landscaping is more significant for industrial campus as it helps in highlighting industry’s effort in environmental protection & management. We designed an area (about 30,000 sq. ft.) in Cipla Ltd at MIDC, Kurkumbh, in 2005 on same principles. Less area under lawns, maximum area under perennial trees or shrubs and use of native plant species combined with few non-natives were the design parameters for landscape.



Plantation Plan for BAIF-MITTRA training centre, 2.5 acres | Jawhar, Maharashtra

MITTRA, an organization working in field of watershed development has a training centre & processing unit for local fruit produce at Jawhar, Maharashtra. We developed a Plantation plan for center in 2005 which uses climatically appropriate native species. Species are selected on various criterion as Flowering, Avenue, Fragrant, Medicinal, Oil seed producing, Edible, etc. Execution of plantation plan was done in 2006 and now the campus is green with a variety of native plants.



Eco – landscaping at Parksons Packaging Ltd. (PPL), 5 acres | Chakan, Maharashtra

It is a waste of resources if our gardens consume huge quantities of drinking quality water daily. Having factory in drier parts of Maharashtra at Chakan, PPL have opted for Landscape that will consume less water & less energy. We designed 5 acres out of their premise spread over 12 acres in 2007 with concepts of low on resource & energy consumption, use of locally available materials, low maintenance & using maximum native plants, this landscape does not compromise the aesthetic value of factory premise.



Plantation Plan for Ahmednagar cantonment - ACCS, 270 acres | Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Plantations & landscaping is an integral activity for newly developing campuses. We prepared an Arboriculture plan for new campus of Ahmednagar cantonment in 2007. Ahmednagar is situated in semi-arid tracts of Maharashtra with scanty rains & low water availability. So plant selection & vegetation management is important for resource availability & maintenance needs. The campus vegetation plan was prepared keeping in mind the needs of nature, aesthetics & environmental conditions.



Eco-landscaping at FANUC India Ltd, 2 acre | Chakan, Maharashtra

Fanuc office is situated in arid area near Pune, an upcoming MIDC. The area being rocky & devoid of good soil cover, entire design was based on hardy plant species and less water consumption. The design brief by client was ‘to develop a woodland’ around office building. Trees are best suited for both these requirements so ‘native trees’ specific to dry-land were selected. So in this design, use of lawns is kept to minimum, not more than 1000 sq ft. the trees planted have developed beautifully over past 2 years & the woodland look can be achieved in next 5-7 years. A balance of manicured areas and tree cover is maintained using various design features.



Eco-inputs in Planning, Landscape design & Plantations

Eco-perspective can be incorporated in every possible way in farm houses, townships, farm house schemes, or industries. Open spaces in such development generally look same with large lawns, flowering herbs & non-native trees, which is actually not in tune with nature. We gave our inputs to many such interested individuals & companies ranging from ½ acres to 100 acres just by selecting right Native species as per location & existing land conditions combined with their aesthetic value. Such inputs were in form of developing a Plantation Plan or designing total open space or even evolving a plan in consultation with their Landscape architects or planning a habitat that will attract birds - butterflies.