Rahal | A community reserve

An opportunity for urbanites to contribute positively in conservation !

This effort is to conserve, restore & leave behind a model of people’s participation for restoring landscapes. Our future generations should be able to witness & get encouraged to follow this as an ‘eco‚Äźwise’ tradition, a conservation message in their life !

We have been discussing in various groups about the need to come together & take positive steps for Nature conservation collectively. So, we thought that all likeminded people can form a group & work for restoration. We have formed a project frame work towards the same and thought to share it with you ! Here it goes …

Background : Everybody living in city feels the crave to be with Nature… The artificial life we lead harms nature directly & indirectly… Our sub-conscious tries to identify actions that will actually compensate the degradation happening in nature because of our existence. And we can definitely compensate in a small way… People world over have done extremely innovative & successful experiments for conservation. Let’s take the unbeaten path & give it back to Nature. We would like to initiate this new idea of ‘Private sanctuary by Urban community’. It will be an effort ‘for Nature, by conscious people’. Lets recreate the lost forests !!!

The Idea : Come Together. This effort will conserve, restore the ecosystem & leave behind a model of people’s participation for Nature. Our future generations then will be able to witness & also get encouraged to follow this as an ‘eco-wise’ tradition, a conservation message in their life !

The Process : Be a Stalwart. This could have been a dream of everybody to buy land, conserve it, be there with family and friends, enjoy the growing biodiversity as a good change from routine city life… Many of us must have tried to buy the land and do certain positive things; many might not have found it easy because of issues like ‘prices’ of the land, reliability, right location or technical problems like ‘clear land title’, etc.

We thought to simplify this, & are in possession of suitable land on which let’s work collectively towards Eco-restoration. There will be a set of norms for the landuse & land holding. But certainly, this is not an investment property. Your continual participation, support (both financial & actual) & willingness to maintain the land will be the base in this venture.

The Management : Work for Restoration. This project is initiated by oikos in association with Adhiwas Foundation.

The Result : Enjoy Restored Land & Conserved Biodiversity. Importantly, what you get as participant... Certainly no returns in money, but, immense joy & pleasure guaranteed ! Primarily, satisfaction of doing something positively for nature and a refreshing staying experience on land in most eco-friendly setup…

You can see the grass growing, trees getting established, soil being stabilized, wildlife returning… all positive changes happening on land. Experience & let others know this change happening year by year. These could be the most precious moments in your life ! Apart from this, we can collectively organize events for getting closer to the leaves, insects, flowers and bees on our land. Let’s be steward of Ecology.

How: Support for Restoration. We are accepting two types of donations,
First is a life membership that makes the individual and immediate family a 'founding member' of the sanctuary out of 35 members. To understand the details, do write to us at : oikos@oikos.in
Second is an yearly contribution towards 'Restoration fund' where the person is allowed to make a day visit to land to experience utilisation of donated funds. The restoration fund is Rs. 2500 per 1000 sq ft per year, fill this form and make the donation.


It is your faith in us that gives us courage to start such unique venture that will strengthen our association & satisfy our soul. So, if you are interested in this venture, do write back with your comments. We will share all other technical details like location, money required, legal issues etc.

Waiting for your reply, whether positive or negative, do write back… we wish to hear the suggestions, comments or even arguments.

Do write to us oikos@oikos.in