Oikos provides a spectrum of services catering to different users - private landowners, corporate sector, entrepreneurs, & NGOs - with a specific objective of nature conservation to restore and improve the status of natural resources, processes and biodiversity. We are a social business working for ecological land management since 2002.


Work profile

The strength of our approach is our holistic strategy broken into stages - from initial baseline ecological surveys to execution & monitoring of eco-management plans. We have a highly qualified in house team and we often collaborate with experts on case to case basis. We believe in site specific planning and do not have a ‘one solution for all’ approach.

Broadly, the steps involved are as follows:

Ecological survey of the land

This includes three season assessment i.e. round the year assessment of the land to know the existing status of biodiversity and natural processes and potential of the land for development.


Eco planning

Based on ecological survey, clients proposition and requirement from the land, an eco-plan for the land is evolved. This may include zoning plan, restoration plan, plantation plan, layout (for infrastructure) plan, beautification plan and schedule for implementation etc. depending on the type of project.



Eco plan is implemented as per the schedule. We also undertake the execution of restoration and plantation plan, depending on the location of the site.


Our Team:

The strength of our team is the mix of interdisciplinary professionals and experts working together for nature conservation. From field experts, architects, ecologists, we also work closely with all disciplines of engineering, geology, GIS depending on the project requirement.


Founders & Managing partners
Ketaki Ghate
B.Sc. (Chem.) B.Sc. (Botany)
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Manasi Karandikar
B.E. (Instru), M.Sc. (Env. Sc.)
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We are fortunate to have dedicated individuals who help us in achieving our mission. Our dynamic team is involved with us on project basis or as employees. Each and every resource person, expert, intern have been instrumental in taking the message of conservation ahead !

Ketaki Sathe-Kulkarni
Project Assistant
Kirti Amritkar
Project Assistant
Project Assistant
Yogesh Chavan
Field Assistant
Sonali Phadke
Jyotsna Chowdhury

Entire team has completed one-year diploma course in ‘Sustainable Development of Natural Resources & Conservation’ conducted by Ecological Society, Pune. Ecological society is an organization working in the field of natural resource conservation and restoration for more than twenty years.

Guiding Panel

Oikos earns its legacy from ‘Ecological Society’ based in Pune. Under the able guidance of Prof. Prakash Gole, we have learned extensively about our environment … from a unique perspective ! To quote Prof. Gole, “If economics is primarily concerned with allocation of scarce resources among competing wants, it ought to show deep understanding of resources and their utilization. It does nothing of the sort. Mainstream economics tries to interpret and analyze the working of Industrial Capitalism and that too without any attempt to probe the foundations on which Industrial Capitalism stands.”


Prof. Prakash Gole
Ecologist, Ornithologist, & Economist
Founder, Ecological Society, Pune

Dr. Swati Gole
Geomorphologist, Pune.

Prof. S. D. Mahajan
Botanist, Pune.

Mr. Ajit Patwardhan
Business Consultant

Mr. Girish Sohoni
President and Managing Trustee, BAIF





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